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In the heart of Portofino, with a wonderful view over the village, there is an estate with a long history: "la Cappelletta" of Portofino.
In collaboration with the estate, we are proud to offer you two traditional products which unfortunately were lost.
Thanks to the recovery of the ancient olive trees and the planting of a new vineyard which replaced the old, abandoned for too long, now we can go back to taste D.O.P. Extra Virgin olive oil and white wine of Portofino.
The vine and the olive grove are located inside of the Park of Portofino, a protected area since 1935, with breathtaking views of the Marina.
Oil and wine can be booked by sending us an email.
We can ship in Italy, Europe and all over the world.






From leccine and lavagnine olives coltivar, this top quality oil has a golden yellow color, slightly cloudy in youth.
The taste is sweet and delicate, fragrant and fruity.
Perfect with delicate dishes, fish in particular, does not cover the flavors but exalts.





For decades the Portofino wine was desappeared from the tables of taverns and restaurants, replaced by more fashionable wines.
Some farmer went on to produce a few bottles for family consumption, but because of the difficulty of care of the vineyard, in a viable territory almost exclusively on foot, and the high cost of land, production destined for sales is extinct in the ' 70.
Today thanks to the efforts of a lovely English lady in love with these places,
the "Portofino Wine" is reborn!
The vineyard is still young so we have a very limited production (about 1800 bottles), but the quality of this first vintage is exciting.
Mainly Vermentino grapes, this wine is fresh and delicately fruity, perfect for a drink or to match the typical dishes of the Ligurian tradition.